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Before working with Q, I was a bit unsure of how to pose and how fluid my movements would be. I was worried I wouldn't be good enough. The worst part about it, was that I was worried about how my images would turn out, for both Q and myself for my portfolio.


I felt so confident and comfortable in my own skin after working with Q. I felt like everything I did was good enough, and no amount of constructive criticism was enough. After working with Q, I celebrated a new me in a way. I celebrated a confident Tayla who was ready to release her images and confidence to the world. I am so much more positive now.


Q makes everyone feel relaxed and really let's you do what you want to do. She works around your capabilities while teaching you new skills so gently. My favourite part about working with Q was that I could be who I wanted to be, and that was expressed through the images that she took. When I first met Q, I was worried that I wasn't going to be good enough for her, but she is just amazing and really has helped me come a long way in my confidence and many other aspects of my life. Thank you Quaymberley!!


Tayla Galvin

Working with Quaym is fantastic, she is really conscious of you and how you feel and what you want out of the experience. On top of all that she takes awesome photos!

She is completely respectful of what makes you comfortable and is eager to experiment and play with fun ideas. I really enjoyed the time spent working with her and recommend this to anyone looking to get really unique and beautiful photos taken.


Dani Malkin

Before working with Quaymberley I had never had professional photos taken and was quite nervous. However, Quaymberley’s relaxed but professional style put me at ease straight away.


The afternoon of shooting turned out to be quite comfortable and fun and her creative direction meant that I got amazing photos in the end.


Jolene Shaw

My experience with Quaymberley was of her photographing me for content for her blog. She was very organized in establishing a vision for the shoot well before the day, however, was wonderfully flexible in allowing us (as models) to interpret the vision to suit our bodies and personal style. Quaymberley showed a great creativity and understanding of current trends.


By far my favourite thing working with Quaymberley was the kindness and warmth with which she interacted with me. She made me feel incredibly comfortable by providing a lot of support, encouragement and guidance during the shoot.

I didn’t expect to be included in a lot of the creative brainstorming of shots. Quaymberley allowed me to voice my option and encouraged me to get involved in the direction of the content.


I loved working with Quaymberley and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

Kathryn Wray


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