It's time to define your brand, recognize your dream clients and build your creative business online. Your brand is more than just images and fonts; it goes hand in hand with your business vision. Knowing who you are and what you provide will help your dream clients find you.


I know who you are - you've started your creative business and need an online presence, like, yesterday, but you don't know where to start. 

Doing it all on your own can be overwhelming. I’m here to help you build your brand so that you can rock it online.

Creative Flow is a method designed to define your brand with a strategy so that you can share who you are and what you do consistently and concisely.


The better you share your story, the more effective you are at engaging with your ideal client and the easier it becomes to create a profitable business.


Clients are not just looking at your products or services, they are looking at you and your personal brand is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

How creatives work with me

We meet face-to-face or online over a six week time frame consulting and coaching you through your Brand & Business Vision.

I develop a 25-page Vision Guide with your blended and clarified messaging, process and style. Then I create a full designed and copy-written Brand Platform for you.


Everything you need to know

Personal Branding

Define your personal brand to give your clients clarity on what you do.

Content Creation

Create content for your online presence and social media channels. Photographs and copy that will showcase who you are and what you create! This will show your audience how to hire you.

Content Strategy

Sharing your story with your clients requires a strategic plan. Your content is packaged to roll out over 3 months to delight and engage clients.

Creative Flow: Branding Package

R 3500

Brand & Business Vision

Consulting + custom guide created for you to really narrow in on what you do and what you want to be known for with a strong focus on your personal brand.

Brand Platform

Fully designed + written branding and positioning for you to take and run with.

    • 3x one-on-one consulting sessions with exercises over six weeks
    • custom 25-page Vision Guide created for you and your business
    • a fully designed & copy-written Brand Platform including:
      • Tagline
      • Brand positioning copy
      • Brand story



Creative Flow: Content Package

R 1500

This package is content creation to get you started with showcasing your brand* online. With a strong emphasis on the aesthetic of your brand, I provide the foundation of imagery to be used strategically spread over three weeks.

Photography Session

Personal brand photography of you, your products and services.

    • 10 professional digitally edited
    • All other images from the shoot available to you

Find out more visit: Leenykova Photography Sessions

Content Creation

We create content for your social media channels using your Brand Platform.

    • Content Guide custom designed for your brand, includes a mockup for Instagram.
    • Instagram Images x 20
    • Facebook Cover + Profile Design

* Please note, this package is only for creatives with an established Brand Platform.



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