100 Paintings – Part 1

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I am taking part in the #100dayproject. I probably will not finish it in 100 days because I just don't paint everyday. I'm just going to change it to #100paintings.

This series is mostly process based and abstract. It's a creative experiment where I work my way through this visual language of placing paint on paper. I'm not going any deeper than that. I'm following brushstroke after brushstroke and seeing where it takes me. It doesn't have a message or meaning and that is what gives me the freedom to create.

I am experimenting with glazing, layers, color combinations, juxtaposition, shape and line and mark-making - EVERYTHING! I'm not even afraid of a big white paper anymore, it's the most exciting part. I am using up old paint, old paper and used canvas. 


There have been a few hits and misses, which is great because that's what I want from this project. I need to see how the colors work together. These artworks are a library of reference material for future works. I feel as though it contributes to my style of painting (I think I should write a post about being boxed into a style of painting), but I also know that I have always painted like this, it's just unravelling - painting after painting. Sharing it online via Facebook and Instagram also gives me a chance to receive feedback, and lots of it. I actually miss having crit sessions because my peers used to tell it how it is, if you know what I mean.


You can follow along with my Instagram or view the hashtag #quaymberleycreates

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