Springs Photo Diary

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In January this year I had a fantastic opportunity to create a triptych of acrylic paintings for a commission. The theme had to relate to Springs, a city on the East Rand in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Nature and how humans interact fascinates me. My work is inspired by the world around me, specifically the spaces we encounter. 


Here are a few of my reference photographs that were used to create or at least start the paintings. I took inspiration from what I saw and used some of the imagery and layered ideas continuously. I wanted to work with ideas relating to the mine dumps and nature reserves in the area, as it goes with creativity and flow, I started at one place and ended up somewhere else...but that is the pull toward making art, especially process art, it leads one to unexpected places.



Visit Leenykova Paintings to see the final pieces, or read up on: Visceral, Auspicious & Prolific. Perhaps you will find connections between the reference images and the actual works.

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