Swaziland December 2016

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Swaziland was calling me and so I had to go for a good month long break. I did my usual walks on the farm, visiting family, eating mangos and taking photographs.

I took a lot of photographs, mostly of birds. They have been fascinating me lately, which makes sense, if you look back to my MyCiti Illustration, the color lines were wrapped around all kinds of birds. I also listened to a CD of South African birdcalls with my mother every few days. It’s one think to hear the call and then another to remember which bird it is and then also to listen to it on the farm.



The farm is my favorite place to be, it is peaceful, quiet and calm. My mother’s house is coming up slowly but I am so excited to see small changes here and there. Last year she was still deciding where to place it, but now the walls are up, she has cleared a small portion of the land (the guava trees grow like weeds!) and is now deciding where to put the pool, trampoline, garden and orchard. After our walks every morning we would have a smoothie party at my uncle Sam's house, sitting next to the koi pond and reading Home, Elle Decoration and House & Leisure magazines. Plotting, planning, dreaming, cutting out ideas for her house. I found her to be my podcast buddy, so while she made the smoothies we listened to a podcast.


Now I have to go back more often!

Basically, I felt as though I was on a retreat. Away from the busy life in Johannesburg, I found serenity! There were no expectation to do anything. I went with the flow of whatever was happening and was always pleasantly surprised.



I know that Swaziland would be a great place to have a yoga retreat, something I would like to get together in the near future. It would be perfect on the farm, stuck in nature, a little bit rustic, but that's probably what is required. I mean, look at the view of the farm:



Other highlights of my trip:

  • Visiting a small reserve that held impala and a vulture restaurant.
  • Getting my little cousins to do acro-yoga.
  • Getting lost in the bush with my mother for 2 hours and freaking out about snakes.


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