July 2016

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What an amazing month I've been having. I began with the "Choose Adventure" Little Square Share hoping for travel and seeing some different sights, experiencing new things. I got what I wished for. I've been driving all over Johannesburg on my own adventure of yoga & art.


Yoga Teacher Training

My Yoga Teacher Training is going really well and I am learning so much. It's changing my life in many ways. Our lead instructor is excellent. My technique is improving. I attended Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin and Iyengar classes to get some hours logged. I'm in love with them all, especially Bikram. Just attending those classes was an adventure (a lot of travelling around Joburg!) and I met lots of new people. I do need to give my body a bit of a rest though, my back is giving me a hard time because I've just been doing yoga every day.


Learning some Sanskrit, Mudras, the 8 Limbs, Pranayama and Meditation. We had a Kirtan session (Bhakti Yoga) in the studio and I was amazed and now addicted. It feels so good to be immersed into something I enjoy.



Yoga Classes

I've been teaching yoga classes 2 or 3 times a week. That's been a challenge to stay on top of my game. I log each class in an Excel sheet so that I know which lesson plan I used and what to use next. There is a huge demand for fill-ins in Johannesburg. Sometimes I can't fill-in for every single request, so I just have to say NO and let go. I've started incorporating Vinyasa Flow into my session plans.


Teaching Kids Art 

I had about 3 or 4 art sessions a week. Each little artist had her own unique style but we always ended the session having fun. I guess that's what art is about - PLAY.  I've been listening to the Art Made Easy podcast (Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkles) and it's keeping me fresh. Luckily because I'm teaching so many art sessions, there is a creative flow. No blockages. I also get to repeat a few techniques since a few of the kids are the same age. It's interesting to see how their work differs. I'm starting to see places that I can improve on: new warm up drawing ideas and art plans for older kids. Visit: Super Art Land to see the stuff we have been creating!



Illustration and Art

I squeeze in a little bit of illustration when I can. I'm hooked on Yoga Body Talk Show by Lucas Rockwood and have been drawing while he chats about nutrition, flexibility, raw food, insects, handstands, sleep, bread, breathing, coffee and many more topics. He makes me want to quit coffee and bread!


I just whip out my sketchbook and bring color pencil to paper. I've been drawing a few cyclamens and some abstract things too. I think I want to start painting again 🙂




Getting Organised

I've been super organised this month. My diary is gold. I've been recording income and expenses in Excel, it gives me clarity on what I am doing and where I am allowing money to flow. Teaching yoga and art sessions is not entirely profitable and I'm doing these part time jobs because I'm studying part time so it kind of works for now. I want to create a space in my schedule for illustration client work in the coming weeks.


As busy as I have been I've had a strangely amazing month. 

xoxo Quaymberley


Here's my girl Lulu from when we went to play in the park.




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  1. Amazing stuff Quaymberley. Don’t forget to rest up and recharge!!! Self-care is super duper important 🙂

    • thanks Richy Rich and I’m so glad I got a foam roller like you suggested, it is working magic!

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