My Yoga Journey

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I’m on a yoga journey. If you know me in person, yoga is all I seem to talk about, probably because I am living, breathing, eating and sleeping in it.

How did it start?

Many reasons. My gym membership ran out and so I needed a way to keep fit. My dad was opening a sporting facility and suggested that I study yoga. I wanted to learn something new and be around people after working from home and being somewhat isolated from the world. I also knew it would inspire me. I have been to yoga classes on and off from my teen years and I never thought much of it because it just seemed as though it was a chill session. My mindset has changed completely! Yoga is so much more than that,it’s almost impossible to explain.

I’ve been guiding yoga sessions for the past two months. I’ve logged more than 20 hours of group instructing so far and it has been such a great experience. I am learning so much about teaching. I am meeting new people, I am introducing people to yoga and I am leading the sessions. I studied group instructing last year and got my Yoga Muscles and Motion Group Instructing certificate. That course looked at basic anatomy, so I had to learn various muscles and how they work in motion. We studied yoga postures and how to teach them. I had to log 20 hours of attending yoga classes, so I joined the Sivananda School of Yoga in Parkview for a month. It was also a relaxing, stimulating and intense experience. Getting to the school was a mission but working through a 90 min class was my reward and I would love to go back again.

My CPR certificate was next and so I went for the training and received that certificate too. Also meeting more people and connecting, something I haven’t done since my days at Uni.

I had to come up with my own lesson plans and it is a lot of work. I have about 10 that I use and I am still editing and refining them. I plan to share my yoga lesson plans here on when they are finalised. Finding lesson plans online is really difficult and so I mostly listened to podcasts and worked from there. Best podcasts: 20 Minute Yoga (Yoga and Yoga To The People (YTTP).

I’m excited to be starting my 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course at the end of June. It will dive deep into the yoga philosophy. I am glad I started teaching because I have so many questions and I also have a lot to say about it. I just want to talk to other yoga practitioners and find out how they navigate problem areas in the gym environment. I can’t wait to deepen my practice and find out more. I have hit a wall with my 10 lessons, how many more heart opening classes can I do and what about the pregnant clients? I’m trying to learn variations now as well as the set postures. I know YTT is going to open me up even more.

I never thought I would be a yoga instructor – ever! I’m not even that flexible, but this journey has shown me that the more I practice, the stronger I become, the more flexible I become and I have found my place of happiness.


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